My third pamphlet, Collision (2019), is published by Against the Grain Press.



The poems in Collision explore the interplay between sea and land, and observe our connections to them. The pamphlet examines the discoveries, comforts, and distractions we find in the earth around us.

“Claire Walker’s subtle and confident poems display a lightness of touch. Fine technique has resulted  in work that is both supple and robust. Images of water predominate, its power and inhabitants serving  as metaphors for permanence and impermanence and the shift of human experience. Walker reflects on connections and collisions between land and sea, female and male, childhood and adulthood, myth and nature. Compelling to read, each of these pieces is concise and delicate yet strong enough to elegantly support themes of emotional weight.” Roy Marshall

“An enchanting and lushly lyrical pamphlet full of startling images and mesmeric narratives. In poems that wash over you like a warm tide, Claire creates an immersive and compelling world, part magic realist, part poignantly recognisable. These are perfectly honed, imagistic poems full of a language that dances on the page and lines that sing in your head long after you have put the book down.” Anna Saunders

A review of the pamphlet, written by Pat Edwards, can be found on Sabotage Reviews.