Recent publications:

At the Museum‘ published on Foxglove Journal, December 2017

‘Pablo and I – the Embrace’ published in Riggwelter Issue 4, December 2017

Jet‘ published on Foxglove Journal, November 2017

‘The man in the farmhouse’ won the Algebra of Owls May Poem of the Month Readers’ Choice award, June 2017

‘A Tattooist’s Mistake’ published in The Interpreter’s House Issue 65, June 2017

‘The Fishwife’ and ‘Lone Stag’ published on The Poetry Shed, May 2017

Let’s Talk About the Weather‘ published on The Stare’s Nest, April 2017

‘Steel longs for its own kind’ published in Obsessed with Pipework Issue 78 ‘Spoon on the Tracks’ issue, April 2017

‘Not a Love Poem’ published in Three Drops from a Cauldron web journal, Issue 14, April 2017

Two Birds Join Me for Coffee‘ published on Amaryllis, March 2017

‘Somewhere Between Rose and Black’, ‘Watching the Ocean’, ‘Feeding the Jays’ and ‘Young Robins’ published on Clear Poetry, March 2017

‘The Puzzle of an Ending’ (written in collaboration with Nina Lewis) published in Zoomoozophone Review Issue 12, January 2017

‘She Sells Seashells’ published on Algebra of Owls, January 2017

Needles Gathering‘ published as part of the Ink Sweat and Tears ’12 Days of Christmas’ feature, December 2016

‘Conspiracy’ published in Domestic Cherry 5, October 2016

‘Sydney Cove, 1788’ published in The High Window Issue 3, September 2016

‘Under the Elm Tree’ nominated by Amaryllis for the ‘Best of the Net’ anthology, August 2016

‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ published in Prole Issue 20, August 2016

‘A Scattered Bouquet’ published on Ink Sweat and Tears, July 2016

‘Crossed’ published on The Fat Damsel, ‘Damsels Against Leave’, July 2016

‘A First Meeting’ published on Three Drops from a Cauldron, June 2016

‘Under the Elm Tree’ published on Amaryllis, January 2016





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