Recent publications:

‘A Love Poem To Prince Eric’ published on Mookychick, August 2020

‘Turning the World Upside Down’ published in Prole Issue 30, July 2020

‘Saint Apollonia’s Teeth’ published on Fresh Air Poetry, February 2020

‘Grief Bucket’ published on Dear Reader, November 2019

‘When She Makes Apple Pie with Her Mother’ published in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue 1, September 2019

‘You Ask If We Were Fair To All Those Sailors’ published on The Deck Hand, July 2019

‘Spaces Between Trees’ published on Dear Reader, April 2019

‘A Well-Stoked Blaze’ published on Eunoia Review, April 2019



‘Stray Creatures’ published in Bonnie’s Crew Issue 2, April 2019


‘Tiny Pearls’ published in Bonnie’s Crew Issue 1, February 2019

Feeding the Jays ‘ published on The Poetry Shed, January 2019



‘The Magician’ published in Marble poetry magazine Issue 2, September 2018



‘Pelagic’ published in Prole Issue 26, August 2018


‘Explaining Dinosaurs’ published in Firth Issue 1, May 2018

At the Sociology Conference‘ published on Ink Sweat and Tears, May 2018

Building Materials‘ published as the Weekly Poem on the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre website, May 2018





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