Collaborative Work

Hierarchy of Needs (a retelling) (V. Press, 2020)

Hierarchy of Needs (a retelling) is a call-and-response poetry pamphlet written in collaboration with poet and writer Charley Barnes.

This book is a poetic re-imagining of Abraham Maslow’s original (1943) hierarchy of needs pyramid. The pamphlet first considers the needs of the natural world around us, before exploring what a revised structure may look like for humans in the present day.

“The poems are each beautiful and spared from unnecessary clutter – there is such gentleness and consideration to be gained from the reading. Nature is personified and within the poems there is an aching, a longing to be freed from our human bonds – to be able to answer the age-old call of the seasons without our interference.” Jane Burn

“As women writers we might be seen, but not always heard. For me… this pamphlet is more than just an excellent example of eco-poetry; it is a sophisticated and spirited example of eco-feminism. This is a Mother Earth who nurtures, protects, provides but is also ‘bounty hunter’ with unmistakable, fierce needs of her own: unapologetically pursued and satisfied. ‘Something beautiful’.” Katy Wareham Morris